The Fight For Animals

Last night, I d0xed a judge who found that a sadist who cut off the ears, a leg, of a wonderful pitbull without anesthesia, was NOT guilty of animal cruelty and released him without punishment. Ghostbin deleted the paste quicker than usual, so I created two more copies, and pasted TEN copies worldwide, and will paste 10 more today…and if further efforts occur to delete the judge’s d0x…i will create 10 more, and put text versions elsewhere. I singlehandedly will put out so many copies that even companies hired to get rid of d0xes won’t be able to find them all.

I also d0xed the person who harmed the animal…a man named Reginald V Smith who, at court, said he intended to move from Westbury NY to Atlanta GA and work as a taxi driver for Uber. I contacted Uber and asked them if they had this man working for them, including links to some of the news articles about what he did, and a recent picture of him.The point of this article is to say that animal abuse is a crime that should be one of the most serious of felonies. Even those who are not “animal lovers” should be aware that many people who become serial killers, or engage in both activities, so people serially abusing animals, may also kill humans.

The world saw the news talk a lot about Dentist Walter Palmer who murdered a national treasure of Zimbabwe, Cecil the Lion. Although medical doctors Jan Seski, Gary Goodfried, and others did the same, they got very little if any negative attention. And, ultimately, did Walter Palmer get legally punished ? No.

This issue is not just the trophy hunting industry, it is about animal torture, abuse, and killing in general.

This issue transcends Anonymous, transcends hackers, transcends
animal rights activists. This issue is one testing our humanity, in the sense that as scientist do more research, they are finding many animals are far more sentient, far more “intelligent” than we ever thought.
I posted a news article today saying that with training, pigeons are as efficient as humans in spotting cancerous vs non-cancerous , normal tissue on color slides.

Some countries, countries not even known for being that great about rights issues, have given animals legal “non-human person” status.
Here in the USA, there have been efforts to give primates, especially chimps, personhood rights. India has given dolphins (and whales)non-human person legal rights.

An Argentine court has ruled that an Orangutan has some legal rights.
” AN ORANGUTAN NAMED Sandra has become the first non-human animal recognized as a person in a court of law.

The Association of Officials and Lawyers for Animal Rights, an animal advocacy group, had asked Argentine courts recognize the 28-year-old great ape’s right to freedom from unjust imprisonment.

On Friday, an appeals court declared that Sandra, who is owned by the Buenos Aires Zoo, is a “non-human person” who has been wrongfully deprived of her freedom.”

Now, folks who have followed me for a bit know I try to “keep it real”. I was born and raised in Texas, a state in which hunting of wild game is embedded in the culture. So, I get it that some folks staunchly defend killing wild animals.

But, in the case of the poor pitbull mix, the dog named “Miss Harper” from everything I saw was a very loving, wonderful animal. Many of the same people here in Texas who will go kill a deer or wild boar, also have cats, dogs, or horses that they love very much.

We are living in the 21st century. It is time we start insisting that people who inflict pain on poor innocent creatures are punished, and punished very severely.

Facebook has a page right now that is a case of extreme abuse, and a mentality promoting abuse of cats. Despite a huge number of complaints, my understanding is it is still there. My own small victories in getting FB to get rid of animal abuse sites is that it takes a lot of people, a lot of work, just to get them to take a site down that CLEARLY violates federal and state anti-animal cruelty laws.

For one thing, it’s time that nationwide, state by state, animal abuse is a felony and NOT just a misdemeanor. This would go a long way in allowing us to punish the monsters who hurt poor innocent animals.

The bottom line is we need MORE folks to get involved. Sign petitions, write your congress people…show the folks in power this is a “swing vote” issue…something that they have to support to get elected and get re-elected.

We need more support for organizations like the ASPCA, who fight the abuse of animals. I personally support them in every way I can, every day, every month.

As an Anon, I humbly ask all my Anon brothers and sisters that, if you have not been involved in fighting for animals, please do. I am not saying that you should take time away from any other issue you are passionate about, but it doesn’t take long to sign a petition, drop an email to congress, or write a blog piece. As in dealing with rape, police brutality, we MUST create a zeitgeist, a “spirit of the times”that says, we are NOT in the Middle Ages any more, and we DO care about the other creatures who share this blue marble with us.

To me, this is an issue that people who may be enemies on everything else, can agree to work together on.  In fact, to get some movement forward, it is an issue that we MUST get cooperation on.

Given the horrible nature of what Reginald V Smith did, my d0x of him should have been the hundredth out there, and the same concerning the judge. Rather than delete my paste, Ghostbin should leave it there.  It is legal to assimilate and post publicly available information about public officials, especially when those public officials are NOT doing their damn job. I feel it is our civic duty to do so.

Truth is, I feel that rather than more people being proactively involved, it seems we have lost some folks…but perhaps, I am just somehow missing their work, and if so, I apologize.

I felt tired and frustrated last night. With the Reginald Smith issue, although I know I was not fighting alone, working on the d0x by myself, I kinda felt that way…same thing with the d0x of the judge.

So, that’s my rant, my screed for today. I want to end it with a plea though, PLEASE consider fighting for innocent animals, for their protection, and for punishment of humans who hurt them.

Whether people like me or hate me, whether they like Anons or hate us, right now, I am speaking as myself, as a single person, as a human who is extremely saddened, and yes, pretty damn tired today.

If you have a pet you love, if you are a soldier who worked with canines, if you have a soft place in your heart for some animal, please get involved.

I sincerely appreciate you reading this, and even more, if you get active in helping and protecting those without a voice.





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